Re: Downloading NVDA Add-Ons from GitHub.

Ravindran V.S.

Dear Luke,
Thank you for the detailed explanation. Let me give it a try.
Responding to your initial question, some of the add-ons are not available
in the official site.
And when we try to get them then we are guided to the GitHub site mostly.
That's why I tried to get it. But have not succeeded till now. Let me try as
you have mentioned.


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Ravindran V.S. wrote:

I am clueless of downloading the NVDA Add-Ons from the GitHub site.
Then why are you trying to do so? I mean no offense, but what makes you
think that is what you are supposed to be doing? Is there some particular
documentation that told you to do that?

Could someone guide me how please?
Generally, that isn't the best place to get them, you should do as David
suggested, or get them via the Add-ons Manager in the NVDA Tools menu, which
takes you to the same place.

But if you really must get an add-on from GitHub, go to the add-on's
The URL will look something like this:

To download a packaged add-on, select "releases", and look for the release
with the highest version number (usually).

You can also go directly to

For example, if you wanted my Numpad Nav Mode add-on, you could go to:

But it's much easier to get it from the official add-ons site as described


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