Re: Weather.zipcodes: My own Customization

Ron Canazzi

Hi Anthony,

I am well aware of the zip code/postal code differentiation. My response was to a question from Adriano concerning why I didn't import the postal codes or Yahoo Weather designations from a weather.zipcodes file. I asked him if there was some sort of master list.

On 10/13/2016 7:27 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
ZIP codes only exist in the United States.

They're assigned by the United States Postal Service.

Other countries may (or may not) have systems based on a similar concept, but
the codes themselves can be quite different (for example British Postcodes use
letters as well as numbers), and the sizes of areas covered by each code can
vary considerably (for example British Postcodes are often specific to a single
street, whereas German Postleitzahl cover quite large areas of a city).


On Thursday 13 October 2016 at 13:09:57, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Adriano,

Is there some sort of master list somewhere of all the zip codes in the
world? If so, I haven't seen it. Where is it and how do I get it?
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