Spamming the Group - This will not be tolerated #adminnotice


Several people have pointed out that a topic introduced last night that was entitled "remote support" and that promoted joining another group was spam.

The member who originated this message has been warned that spamming the group absolutely will not be tolerated.  But since it is possible that spoofing could have been involved, he has not been banned.

But any repetition of spamming, whether the member themselves originated it or it was done because an email account was compromised, will result in a banning for the email address from which those messages originate.  If an account cannot be resecured by changing password then we cannot keep membership active under an address that remains compromised.

With any luck, this will be a one-off situation.  I have not seen anything like it prior to this message on any of the groups of which I'm a member.

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