Re: where is the nvda configuration folder on the computer?

Tyler Spivey

You can type that in the address box or the run dialog and it'll bring you right there, even if that isn't enabled. I just tested it.

There's also an option in the start menu called Explore NVDA user configuration directory. Typing explore nvda into the search should get you there.

The last way to get there is by assigning a gesture to "Opens NVDA configuration directory for the current user."
I wish that was available somewhere in the NVDA menus, because the location and steps are completely different to get there for portable copies.

On 6/5/2022 3:34 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
The %APPDATA% folder is normally hidden in File Explorer.  I do not know whether you can do the direct navigation to it by typing the line above in the address box of File Explorer unless the Control Panel, File Explorer Options, View Tab radio button for /Show hidden files, folders and drives/ is activated.
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