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Howard Traxler

Sorry but I think I'm missing something here:

When you speak of dictionaries, do you mean something like word replacement dictionaries for your screen reader or synthesizer or a real dictionary where you can look up spellings and meanings?  The lookup type of dictionary would be a very handy tool.


On 6/5/2022 12:14 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
Hello friends!

It is now available the version 22.06 of this add-on!

Here is the readme:

## Introduction
This add-on provides a quick way to access, so far, 68 dictionaries.
In order not to overload the add-on , only the dictionaries for Portuguese, English and between these two languages are provided.
The remaining can be downloaded through the add-on itself, using the new interface for managing dictionaries.
We are available to add other dictionaries. So if you want to add a dictionary, please contact one of the authors.

## Usage

To start using this add-on , press Control+Shift+F6.
A window will open where we find a list of the dictionaries present on our computer, from which we can choose the one we want to use, and open it with Enter.
We also have a button to access the window where we can manage dictionaries, a button to set the default dictionary, and finally a button to close the add-on , which is also achieved with Escape.

In the Manage Dictionaries window, we have two tabs: Manage and Download.
On the first tab, we can set the order in which the dictionaries appear in the list or delete the selected dictionary.
On the Download tab we can choose the dictionaries we want to download to use.

## Commands
The command to invoke the extra is Control+Shift+F6.
You can also use the command Control+Windows+F6 to access the default dictionary search directly.
Note: If you do not define a default dictionary, the first dictionary in the list will be used.

You can change these commands in the Input gestures  dialog, in the Dictionaries section.

## Auto update

This add-on includes an auto update feature.

Checking for a new version will be performed each time NVDA is loaded.

If you want this to happen, go to the NVDA menu, Preferences, Settings and in the category of the extra check the checkbox.

Direct download:

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