Re: Web developer issue with NVDA reading the word "us"

Greg Williams


As has been pointed out elsewhere in this thread, most synthesizers will pronounce "US" as "U S" because that is generally what is intended. Good directions have been given for modifying the speech dictionary for NVDA to get an individual's set up to read it as "us". However, as a web developer, if the idea is to add something to the button on the webpage itself so that synthesizers read "US" as "us" instead of "U S", and if "CONTACT US" is desired for visual aesthetics, then the best option is to add an aria-label to the button definition, like <button ... aria-label="Contact Us" ...>CONTACT US</button>. This will cause screen readers to read the button label as "Contact Us" instead of "CONTACT US".


On 6/3/2022 1:57 PM, JarrettD wrote:
Hello! I am a web developer who recently started working with NVDA. I am having an issue that the screen reader is reading the button "Contact Us" as "Contact U S" (as if I was referencing the United States). Is there any way to get the reader to read the phrase correctly?

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