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Eilana Benish

Hi quentin

Thanks for the link I will keep it…

Try to imagine this situation

a person with disability using a wheelchair comes to a building and he wants to go in to the building using the ramp

Then he finds that the ramp is not good enough for his wheelchair

then the owner of the building calls out to the required people to fix this ramp

then the person with that wheelchair comes again and then again tries to enter the building with no luck

and then again the owner of that building calls to different people to fix the ramp

how many times do you think a person with a disability can tolerate this kind of things

this is very similar to the web accessibility issues

it is OK too test over and over  with screen readers in different browsers and operating systems - - but in my opinion there should be  stable database regarding the compatibility for screen reader users

In some cases it's not that simple to make changes to the code over and over again - this also can be time-consuming and cost sometimes a lot of money

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I replied in the FB group last night, but just to reiterate here what I said there - check if there is already an issue at and if not, do please create one.

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hello everyone

Does nv-access keeps database regarding the aria-roles compatibility with the latest version off NVDA?

For example it seems that ARIA: status role is not compatible wait the latest version of NVDA in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. it seems that this role is only compatible with voiceover on a Mac computers.

Thanks in advance

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager


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