Re: NVDA may Crash with inactivity on older Windows 10 computer


I have no such problem and I'm using an old computer. 

You can find out if NVDA is still running or mostly running buy running another screen-reader while not issuing the run command for NVDA.  Then, when another screen-reader is running, issue the command to open the NVDA menu.  If the menu opens then something has crashed in NVDA but the program overall is still running. 

Whatever the case, since issuing the run command either runs NVDA or closes it and runs it again, it is an interesting question what is occurring, but a very minor problem with a very easy work around.


On 6/7/2022 12:02 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

Has anyone seen something like the following.  I use an older Windows 10 computer for storage and back up. After not touching it for several hours, NVDA does not work. That is to say, there is no sound output. I know the main sound card through which NVDA voices is working because other sounds I can play with hotkeys do indeed work.  I can't really say if it crashes, but if I press the hotkey used to launch it, it seems to reload as if it had crashed and needed to be restarted.

What could cause this and is there a remedy?

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