Re: Add-on suggestion - tone control/EQ for audio output

Chris Smart

This would need to be simple, for the non-audio folks. So, how about a simple Baxandall??

That’s nothing more than the bass and treble controls found on millions of car and home hi-fi stereos.




From: <> On Behalf Of Kara Goldfinch
Sent: June 7, 2022 5:43 AM
Subject: [nvda] Add-on suggestion - tone control/EQ for audio output



I'm not a developer so I'm throwing this idea out there in case anyone fancies making it.

I think it'd be awesome to have a tone control or an EQ for NVDA's audio output. An example of why this would be useful would be if you have your computer connected to a decent pair of speakers or a hi-fi and the TTS engine you're using has way too much bass. With this add-on you could easily fix this by removing the low frequencies, and because it would be  NVDA specific, your music or whatever you're listening to wouldn't be effected. I personally get around this problem by using 2 sound cards, but that isn't always an option particularly over headphones.

It could also work the other way by carving out the high frequencies if you have a speech synth that's too sibilant.

I could see this working in 2 ways. Either as a tone control, So 50% would be neutral, with values higher than that affecting the low frequencies and lower values the high frequencies. Or you could have a graphic EQ so you could boost or cut specific bands to taste like on a hi-fi. You could even offer both and allow the user to switch between each mode.

I'm pretty sure there's open source filters and EQs you could incorporate into the add-on so you wouldn't have to make everything from scratch. It wouldn't even have to be the best thing out there, just something good enough for the job.

Obviously it should not introduce any latency.

Feel free to forward this to the add-ons list.

I said at the top it could be an add-on but having it as standard would be even better.

I'm interested to see what you all think.


All the best,


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