Re: screen curtain and saving battery


Whether you can turn off the screen or not, you can dim the screen to a point where, I would think, little power would be used and the screen being on would have a negligible effect on running time per charge.

On 6/7/22, Kareen <kareen.kiwan@...> wrote:

Hi all. In my previous laptops there was the option to turn off the display
by pressing a key combination. But, with my new laptop which is from the
Dell brand this option is not available unfortunately. I want to know about
the screen curtain feature in NVDA does enabling it saves battery or it is
only meant  for privacy purposes? also, does anyone knows of a way to have
the screen really turned off, i mean to have an option similar to what is
present in many laptops
I am interested in turning off the display to make the battery last longer.
Thank you

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