Re: Mozilla Apps Enhancements Add-On


Also, if you open tools, in the NVDA menu, open Manage Add-ons, then down arrow to the add-on you want to know about, you can then tab to an add-on help button.  Press the space bar on the button and your default browser will open with the same or pretty much the same information as is on the web page for the add-on, describing its use.

I don't know if all add-ons have a help button but most of them do. 

On 6/7/2022 10:19 AM, Gene wrote:
This page, from which you can download the add-on, contains an explanation of what you can do with it.

If you have questions or problems, ask.

On 6/7/2022 9:57 AM, Abbie Taylor wrote:
Could someone please refresh my memory as to the keystrokes for navigating to various fields in an open message in Thunderbird that are possible with the Mozilla Apps Enhancements add-on. I looked in the add-on manager and am not seeing any help documentation for this add-on like I've seen with other add-ons. Thanks.

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