Re: Double Entry Bookkeeping/professional accounting software

Robert Doc Wright godfearer

Have you considered Quick Books?

On Jun 8, 2022, at 8:51 PM, Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:


I am looking for some NVDA accessible double entry bookkeeping software. In other words, a business accounting package.

I currently use Zero, which is a web based accounting service, but its interface is clunky, and not always as accessible as it could or should be. I want very much to get away from it.

Fifteen or so years ago I used SQL-Ledger for a while, but it had security and other issues (it was also web based, but you had to install and administer it on your own server). I switched briefly to LedgerSMB which was created as a replacement and to solve the problems of SQL-Ledger, but now seems defunct.

I think I would prefer something standalone, although if there is a really good web based system I haven't tried that has a high degree of NVDA compatibility, I'd be open to it.

Any pointers gratefully received.


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