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Luciano de Souza

When I press shift+right, being on the cell, I select the next characters, not the next cells.

I’ve tried also ctrl+shift+right, but it failed too.

In the menu, the merge option was unabled since not more then one cell is selected.

Em 10/06/2022 11:11, Ravindran V.S. escreveu:


First select all the cells that you need to merge, using “Shift + Right Arrow”

Then, on the menu, select and enter on the merge button.

Hope this helps.




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Hello all,

In the menubar, we can find an option to merge an entire row or an entire column.

But suppose a row with six cells. How to merge the second, the third and the forth cells?

I’mam using Windows 10, NVDA 2022.1 and Office 365.

Best regards,

Luciano de Souza

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