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Hello all.  This topic will be locked after this post, as it has nothing to do with NVDA, but with Microsoft Word.  It belongs in the Chat Subgroup or on the Microsoft Office Accessibility Discussion Group.

Note Well:  I have the Easy Table Navigator NVDA add-on installed and active.  NVDA must be in Focus Mode to allow individual cell selection.  If NVDA is in Browse Mode full rows (and probably columns, but I didn't try that way) get selected when using the SHIFT + Arrow Key commands.

As Sarah has noted, SHIFT + Arrow Key (any one of them, depending on your positioning in the table and where/what you want to select) can be used to select an individual cell or block of cells.  If you have 4 cells selected in a given row in the middle of the table, using Shift + Down Arrow will select the same block in the row below while Shift + Up Arrow will select the same block in the row above.

Merging cells requires only that you bring up the context menu and select the Merge Cells option (and hitting M 2 times after the context menu is up gets you there).

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