Re: Spelling / grammar checkers - I found one!


I recall that yesterday, an add-on was discussed at the outset.  My messages were about the spell check in Chrome itself since I believe it will do what the person wants.  Since you were talking about the add-on, which I haven't used, I can't discuss that.


On 6/10/2022 4:09 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Ther is a grammar checker for chrome that is an extension. It si written by microsoft. It is the same one used by word, that is the one of which we are speaking. This is not the native google spelling checker that ships with the chromium browser.

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On 10 Jun 2022, at 9:51, Gene wrote:

You were talking about Chrome.  And I'm not talking about running an f7 spell checker.  I'm talking about the flag words in the text function of Chrome.


On 6/10/2022 11:47 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

No, in the grammar checker for word,  you must use alt down arrow to see the suggestions per the hint that is given.  But per the regular spell checker yews contextual menu is correct.


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Don't use alt down arrow. When you are on the word, open the context and down arrow.  You will see many suggestions if the misspelled word is one where the spell checker believes they are useful. 


On 6/10/2022 9:35 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Chrome has a spelling checker, however no grammar checker. Plus you have to hit alt down arrow for the word checker to give you only 1 correction which sucks. It is usable, yes, a bit of a PITA when you hear “3 errors on this line” and you cannot  see what they are until you pass over them and have to hit alt down arrow.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Spelling / grammar checkers - I found one!


Hmmm well chrome does have one checking via google spelling dictionaries so I don't need it but good find quentin.

And its a microsoft app to so well we know it works.



On 10/06/2022 10:25 am, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Hi everyone,


Turning on my PC this morning, I got a suggestion from Microsoft to install their "Editor" plug-in.  These suggestions come up now and then and I usually ignore them, but since it looked to be the kind of thing we've been talking about recently, I was intrigued.


I can confirm it does work!  Essentially, it's a bit like grammarly - when you are typing in an edit field on the web (I used the Edge plugin but there is a Chrome one as well which I assume should work too, since both browsers are based on Chromium), it puts a red underline for spelling errors and a blue one for grammar - not dissimilar to Word.  NVDA doesn't buzz at you for an error, but when navigating it tells you that you have an error on that line, and reads it when you get to it.


You can find it at:



Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager



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