Re: why can't I turn on caret browsing?


Why do you want to use caret navigation?  As to why you can't, I don't know. 

As for box links, what do you mean?  If you want to bring up a list of links, the command is insert, either insert, f7.  Caret navigation is just about useless to a blind person because we already use screen[-readers that provide a virtual cursor.  Caret browsing is intended to furnish something like a virtual cursor for sighted users but it almost never has any application to a blind user.


On 6/11/2022 8:48 AM, ken lawrence via wrote:


                Hi list this morning I went to Newsline and when I tried to box links with f7 it kept saying turn on. Told it stop asking me this question and said turn it on.  Now I can’t box links for easy navigation.  How do I fix this. 


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