Re: Whatsapp Desktop with NVDA unable to navigate chat list with arrow up and down keys

Mobeen Iqbal


That's an excellent workaround, many thanks for the tip!

Very best wishes,


On 11/06/2022 18:35, mk360 wrote:

Note that you can use j and k to move between chats when you are in the list.



El 10/06/2022 a las 23:53, Ahmad Ismat escribió:

Hi Luciano,


Thanks so much for your suggestion, it works !

Since I am using laptop keyboard, the object nabigation command is nvda + shift + left arrow instead of nvda + 4  and nvda + shift + right arrow instead of nvda + 6.


It simply works fine, really appreciate your response.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Whatsapp Desktop with NVDA unable to navigate chat list with arrow up and down keys


As the down arrow activates automatically the next chat, when I'm on the chat list, I use the object navigation, NVDA+4 to return, NVDA+6 to advance.


Em 03/06/2022 17:53, Mobeen Iqbal escreveu:


I've had the same issue for some months now despite installing the latest updates to the add-on and whatsapp. The only way around it for now it seems is to switch between chats with control tab and control shift tab. When you press control shift tab and you can't cycle back any more, that's the latest chat.

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On 03/06/2022 10:52, Ahmad Ismat wrote:



It has ben 3 days since I face problem  when navigating the chat list in Whatsapp Desktop version on Windows 10. Previously one is able to move from one chat list to another using the arrow down or arrow up keys.  Unfortunately now when in the chat list pressing the arrow down or arrow up will go straight to the chat contents and there is no way you can navigate from one chat to another chat anymore !!

It is really frustrating ..anyone face the same problem ?

Is there a fix to this problem ? anyone kind to respond..thanks in advance..


My software version used are as follows:

  1. Windows 10 version  21H2
  2. WhatsApp Desktop Version 2.2218.8
  3. NVDA version  2022.1
  4. Whatsapp NVDA add on version  used  Version: 2.2212.8; Author: Gerardo Kessler <ReaperYOtrasYerbas@... 


Best Wishes,

Ahmad Ismat




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