help with firefox and NVDA

Ibrahim Abedrabbo

Hello folks,

I am trying to use the whatsapp web using the latest version of firefox on a laptop running windows 10, last update. NVDA is my only screen reader. I am using NVDA 2021.3.

When I try to send a voice message on whatsapp web using fire fox, I get this message:

"Allow microphone
To record Voice Messages, WhatsApp needs access to your computer’s microphone. Click  in the URL bar and set “Use the Microphone” to “Allow.”

When I hit f6 to go to the URL bar I only find the whatsapp web address, but no buttons to adjust the setttings for my microphone there. What is the NVDA command to reach to this area when I get such a message on firefox?

I hope those who use firefox and NVDA can help me with this one.



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