Need help with Thunderbird and Mozilla Apps Enhancements


Hi, I just installed Thunderbird yesterday, got the afore-mentioned addon, and had no problems moving columns opening the dialogue with NVDA+H, though I got the no column headers found error once until I made sure I was in the message list. Today a friend decided to get Thunderbird as well, just installed the addon, and gets the message column headers not found. I remoted in and tried matching some of her view menu settings to mine, but still can't get the column headers dialogue on her machine. Being in the message list or even in a specific message doesn't help. Rebooting NVDA and Thunderbird didn't help. We're both using the latest Thunderbird and NVDA with Windows 10. Any settings she needs to change to get this to work? She wants to move correspondents to the top of the list just like I did. Thanks.

Shawn Klein

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