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Sim Kah Yong

Hi Sarah,

I have the hotkeys for the Whatsapp Desktop as I am the one providing them previously. The add-on I am inquiring on is different but by the same author, The description is in Spanish and there is no information on the hotkeys.  Thanks.

On 12/6/2022 11:36 pm, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I had a set of what's app keys, in word format. Search for it using the list archives as I can't find it, unless that link expired by now. I upload using a service in which links expire after 7 days.

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Hi all, do anyone knows about the above add-on, what does it do, and does it complement the existing add-on "Whatsapp desktop" by the same author?

This is what I can gather from the "help" and I translate it from Spanish in Google as follows:

Plugin that renames unlabeled buttons, adds keyboard shortcuts for main application functions, and focus functions for better interaction with the interface.

It will be very good if someone can provide the hotkeys too. Thanks.

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