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The new version seems to have fixed the memory warnings that occasionally spuriously affected the older ones, so be sure its the latest on whenever you get it. I would say though that there are some instances where copy and paste is allowed but it remains silent. This is because it does not always know that a third party program is able to use the clipboard, I would suspect. I'm thinking of audio editors and some edit areas in some programs in the main.

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Thanks Rui. I’ll pass that along.

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Clipspeak add-on on oficial repository...

Rui Fontes

Às 20:28 de 14/06/2022, Chris Smart escreveu:

Asking on behalf of someone on Facebook.

is there a way with NVDA to have it announce commands such as when copying, pasting, cutting. I know you can turn on command keys but i dont need to hear every command key that is pressed.



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