Re: in search of a fast browser for windows 10


Have you tried doing a Firefox Refresh?  I use both Firefox and Chrome routinely in Windows 10 (both are running now) and both are perfectly fine and fast.  My partner's Firefox began lagging after a long while and when clearing cache didn't fix it the next step was to check what add-ons were being used, making note of them, then doing a Firefox Refresh and reinstalling only those he was still really using, and one at a time to see if one in particular was causing things to bog down.  The amount of "clutter" beyond cache that can accrete to web browsers over a period of extended use is pretty remarkable and can slow things to a crawl.  Even an uninstall/reinstall may not fix anything if it's related to user-specific items in the user profile including, but not limited to, add-ons.


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