Re: Does NVDA have this feature that Window-eyes has?


My solution to this is to create default dictionary entries to handle common "separator line" repetitions and actually have NVDA say, "separator line."  I don't care what, precisely, the chosen character sequence is.

Here is the regular expression I use for a "long" separator line of 3 or more characters in sequence.  Additional characters could be added with the or (pipe) operator if you have someone who uses something else in combination with + or = or -, etc.


and my replacement is "Separator line."  

For common short, 2-character separators, I use this regular expression:   (-|\*|\+){2}\s+$

And that regular expression captures 2 characters that are hyphens, asterisks, or plus signs followed by any number of white space characters anchored by the end of the line.

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