Re: holding off on 2022.1 due to Code Factory dragging their feet


On Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 12:14 PM, mike mcglashon wrote:
My own view is that these add-ons should be updated in the Alpha or Beta stages, not after release. Either that, or NVDA should not keep breaking compatibility with them.
NVAccess is not the owner or maintainer of the vast majority of add-ons.  Thus, they logically have zero responsibility for them.

The compatibility-breaking releases are announced many months in advance and the developer community (including add-on developers) are on notice that tweaking, even if it's just manifest tweaking, will be necessary.

This is not the slightest bit different than what happens with commercial software, Windows being the perfect example.  Microsoft announces when a new version (or feature update) is coming well in advance and all third-parties (equivalent of the add-on developers) are on notice that they need to update to keep pace.  This is not optional.

There is core code and there is ancillary code.  Ancillary code follows core code, or should.

There have been times, and there are some add-on developers, who are consistently proactive and whose add-ons are always updated before actual release date, often by the time the beta comes out.  We've had a couple of rough years with backwards-compatibility breaking NVDA releases.  But NVDA absolutely has to keep pace with Windows and all the software it is meant to give you access to.  That's far more critical in the big picture than the occasional add-on breakage (much of which could be avoided, but sometimes not if an add-on has been dropped by its original developer and there was no transition plan for someone else to pick it up).

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