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I find Toolbar Explorer very useful for unknown software. I also like the sound theme manager formally 3D sound etc, as it adds audio to a stereo sound to help understand some screen layouts.

Most of the others are more specialised and not used much, but the various addons that announce cut paste, copy etc, can be handy if you are used to that. None of those I've tried is perfect, since there are so many pieces of software that expose the info in an ambiguous way.

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It all depends on what you're using NVDA for. Personally, I only run
three addons, and am probably going to remove one. They are Numpad Nav
Mode, Addon Updater, and NV Speech Player, though that's the one I'm
thinking of removing as I don't like its voice. Addon Updater is the
essential one if you're running any addons, otherwise it really
depends on how you use the program.

On 6/16/22, Mo Khan <mk3386751@...> wrote:
Which nvda addons would you recommend please? much appreciated. thank you.

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