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Quentin Christensen

As Lukasz said,

The best suggestion is to be aware of what the options do and how the review cursor works, and then you will work out the best set of options for you.

Here is the User Guide section on navigating, which includes the review cursor:

Now, if you aren't familiar with the review cursor, or how it works, I would strongly suggest that the Basic Training for NVDA guide, although not free, is worth it for the sections on the Review Cursor and Object Navigation alone:

Basically though, those three options will set whether the review cursor follows:

System Focus: This includes things like the current ribbon option when navigating the ribbon in Word or File Manager, the current menu item in the start menu, the button or checkbox on a web page, the options in the NVDA settings dialog etc. 

System Caret: The text cursor anytime you are somewhere editing text such as an email, Word document or web form.  (In this way, you can think of the System Focus as whatever NVDA is currently on any time you are NOT in an edit field).

Mouse cursor: This will follow the mouse around - this is mostly useful (but possibly very much so) if you have some sight and use the mouse.


On Fri, Jun 17, 2022 at 6:12 PM Lukasz Golonka via <> wrote:

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"mcLeod stinnett" <macks75205@...> wrote:

> under preferances, settings, review cursor. i have follow system focus checked, and the 2 boxes after that unchecked. for best results should all of the boxes in that category be checked?

Assuming that by "2 boxes after that" you mean "Follow System Caret" and
"Follow mouse cursor" there is no single good answer.
The best way to determine how these options should be set for your use
cases would be to read their description in the user guide. I personally
prefer to work with all options in the review settings panel except
"Simple review mode" unchecked, but that is of course pretty subjective,
and requires moving review cursor manually to the focus position rather
than this being done automatically.


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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