Re: Issue With This Apparently Phantom Item 'Task Switcher' With Recent Updates of NVDA

Dave Grossoehme

Hi Ron:  Go into setting and tab to system, then arrow down to multitasking and see if it helps to change any of the multitasking options.  Good Luck.


On 6/17/2022 2:40 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I have noticed that with some recent updates of either NVDA or Windows 11 itself, that particularly if I have multiple windows open, I see what I believe is a phantom windows identified with (insert + T) as 'Task Switcher.'  When this happens, it makes navigation more difficult, slows down the response of the computer and causes annoying efficiency issues.

Has anyone else experienced this lately and if so, what could be causing this and is there a solution?  Thanks for any help.

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