Re: Issue With This Apparently Phantom Item 'Task Switcher' With Recent Updates of NVDA

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

I haven't used Windows 7 in over 2 years so I can't be sure. I do not remember it happening very much if at all with Windows 7--not enough to write a message to the list anyway.  This seems to have gotten worse with later versions of Windows 10 and the newer Windows 11. I turned on/off the windows shade setting in multitasking and I have only seen it once since then--and I tried deliberately by opening 7 windows one after the other to test.

On 6/18/2022 3:55 AM, Brian's Mail list account via wrote:
Are you sure this is not an intermittent old issue? I'm sure sometimes on Windows 7 this sort of thing happened as well. The only recourse seemed to be to shut and restart nvda then. Sadly I've not used Windows11, so I cannot comment further if its a similar issue.
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