Re: Does NVDA have this feature that Window-eyes has?

Luke Robinett

Running windows 10 and NVDA here and it does that for me automatically. I don’t even think I chose that setting when I installed it. Your example is good. Say you are reviewing changes for a poll request so you get the repeated less than, greater than and equal signs. It says the number followed by the symbol, such as “seven less than.”

On Jun 16, 2022, at 4:49 AM, Steve Nutt <steve@...> wrote:

Which is quite bad, because what if you get the string 9= in a file, maybe for programming?

It should say Equals repeats nine times.

All the best


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NVDA says the number then the symbol, ie, if I write 9 consecutive equal signs, NVDA says 9 equals.

On 5/22/22, Sim Kah Yong <simkahyong@...> wrote:
Hi all, I just received an email from Amazon and it contains a string
of "equal sign" (about 22) in part of the email. Window-eyes will read
"equal, equal, repeated 22 times".

NVDA and JAWS will read 22 times of the "equal sign". Obviously,
Window-eyes is is the better option here. Does anyone know if NVDA or
JAWS has such feature? Thank you.

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