Re: NVDA and Open Book

Alexander Masic

One idea with open book is that it runns without nead of screenreader. That means you are able to use open book without any. When you turn on open book it will cancel Jaws. it's same company so it is well integrated. Of course it works with NVDA. but maybe yyou nead to turn speach off in Open book.

There is maybe an idea and target is some category of customers. But in genaral that is nothing for a mayority of us. it's very expensive and if i would be yoou, i have spend that money to upgrade my abby finereader.

Den 2016-10-13 kl. 11:45, skrev Arnþór Helgason:

I have been working with Abbyy Fine Reader for some years, but it has stopped working. I probably need to invest in a newer version.

Does anyone know if NVDA works with Open Book fron Freedom Scientific? Or are there any readers you would recommend?

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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