Re: Issue With This Apparently Phantom Item 'Task Switcher' With Recent Updates of NVDA

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Yes and the odd thing is once it starts, even closing all the windows means it still stays there.What exactly is the task switcher? Its weird, since one might expect it to contain a list of tasks, but that is on the normal bar and can be used just like always.
It acts a bit like that old problem where NVDA, had its own phantom window which would not be closed, and if somebody managed to close it by the mouse, nvda went away. Not tried that here, assuming there is in fact a way to close it at all.
It seems worse on those running Windows 7 home than any other flavour.
Could it maybe a ram thing, IE if there are a lot of programs open on a machine with not quite enough ram, it then uses the disc as virtual memory, so that then means things start to slow down.

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Hi Brian,

I haven't used Windows 7 in over 2 years so I can't be sure. I do not remember it happening very much if at all with Windows 7--not enough to write a message to the list anyway. This seems to have gotten worse with later versions of Windows 10 and the newer Windows 11. I turned on/off the windows shade setting in multitasking and I have only seen it once since then--and I tried deliberately by opening 7 windows one after the other to test.

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Are you sure this is not an intermittent old issue? I'm sure sometimes on Windows 7 this sort of thing happened as well. The only recourse seemed to be to shut and restart nvda then. Sadly I've not used Windows11, so I cannot comment further if its a similar issue.
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