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Some browsers need to be watched as occasionally, they regress at least from our point of view Waterfox did this and I held off updating for some months till the crashing with nvda randomly was resolved.
I sometimes feel that software writers are too fast at pumping out their updates before exhaustively testing them, particularly with access software.
On the 32 bit thing. I agree, never use the 32 bit ones. Firefox went through a period where the 32 bit at that time was inaccessible, some years back now but it can occur.

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You may do things in ways that computer users generally don't do
things. That doesn't mean that the general user should do things in a
different way. Chrome-based browsers update in the background. and on
what do you base your distrust of about dialogs? I haven't seen one
computer advisor nor anyone else say they are unreliable.

I have no objection to you doing things as you wish but you are making
statements and implications that updating Chrome-based browsers as most
computer users do is unreliable or in some way a disadvantage to what
you do, with which I most emphatically disagree.


On 6/18/2022 12:04 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I’d rather update through chocolety, as it updates in the background,
and I have about 30 other windows apps I update in this way, all at
once. I don’t trust the about dialogue, ever, not in chrome anyway.
Give me a package manager any day, or give me the installer so I can
just update by hand and keep the follinstaller around in case I have
to reinstall from scratch.

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You don't need to update in that way. Chrome-based browsers are
supposed to automatically update. But instead of installing the
program to update it, if it isn't automatically updating, use the
about dialog. That dialog tells you if an update is available and
there is an update button. Once you open the about dialog, it may be
in slightly different places depending on the Chrome-based browser you
are using, have browse mode on. If you can't move through the
interface with the arrow keys, manually turn on Browse mode and it
will be accessible and similar to a web page. There is information at
or near the top of the page about updating and whether you are up to date.

In Chrome, about is in the help submenu.


On 6/18/2022 10:24 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I believe the 64 bit version can also be found on chocolety as
that’s how I update, every few weeks. Much easier for those who
love package managers as I do.

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The issue of downloading Chrome just arose in one of the JAWS groups.

The online installer is always at
and the offline installer for the current 64-bit version can be
obtained from:


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