Re: NVDA with Team Viewer.

Ravindran V.S.

Thanks Brian.
Is there a way that we could report about this to the Team Viewer support?

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I'm pretty certain its team viewer. I say this as I had a remote session
with a sighted friend and when we started I had an older team viewer and all
was sweetness and light. However he decided to do the update on my machine
while he was sorting out a problem, and ever since its been the electronic
equivalent of a brick.
I think the quick connect temp version will still work, but if you want to
do the driving, then they have mucked something up, and I bet its something
really stupid. I have not contacted them, as I seldom need it, but it just
goes to show that companies still do not do accessibility testing before
they unleash new versions.

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I have had exactly the same experience.

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This is in my Windows 10 with H2 version.

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Hi Group,

The latest NVDA Version 22.1 and Team Viewer latest versions does not
provide any useful accessibility.

I am not too sure which has caused this problem. Because I have both latest
versions running.

When I open Team Viewer NVDA does not speak anything. Earlier can move with
Tab and get into the menu and other required cells.

But now nothing.

Even Object navigation does not provide much help.

Anything am I missing or doing wrong?

Team Viewer was fairly accessible with NVDA rather than Any-Desk. But now
giving problem.

Kindly advice.



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