Re: NVDA issue with visual studio 2022 parameter help

Luke Robinett

Yes, correct. I only started experiencing this issue when I upgraded to 2022.

On Jun 18, 2022, at 9:51 AM, Akash Kakkar <akash.diverse@...> wrote:

Hmm, it seems that this issue is specific to 2022.

Actually I too am facing this issue but asked one of my friend who is using 2019, but he told that there's no such issue there.

Have you observed it in 2019 too? actually I haven't used 2019.

On 6/18/2022 9:18 PM, Luke Robinett wrote:

On Jun 18, 2022, at 8:42 AM, Akash Kakkar <akash.diverse@...> wrote:
Hey Luke,

Which version you are using of VS?

On 6/18/2022 9:01 PM, Luke Robinett wrote:
First, good news is that unlike prior versions of visual studio, NVDA now works properly when navigating suggestion lists in the code editor. Previously it would read the entire line of code every time you move from one selection to the next, but now it only reads the selected item.

There is another issue, however. I will be typing a line of code and eventually NVDA will start saying “parameter help, parameter help, parameter help” over and over every time I move the cursor left or right or type a key. The only way to get it to stop doing this is to press escape and then arrow away from that line of code and back again. This is a problem because ironically, NVDA repeating “parameter help” is making it so I can’t hear the actual parameter help. Lol.

Before I place a bug ticket I just thought I’d see if there’s some setting I can adjust to perhaps mitigate this issue. Let me know if my explanation didn’t make sense and I can add clarifying details. All the usual stuff… Latest versions of windows, NVDA, visual studio blah blah blah. Thank you

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