Re: NVDA with Team Viewer.

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I have no contact with them. I would hope somebody might have though and get them to fix it. This sort of regression is all too common in software.

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I can reproduce this. It is a team viewer issue. I'm lucky though my aira
agent can just snap a pic of the screen and grab the codes that way. I
hope they do fix this, although I don't think I'll be needing TeamViewer
much longer.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA with Team Viewer.

Hi Group,

The latest NVDA Version 22.1 and Team Viewer latest versions does not
provide any useful accessibility.

I am not too sure which has caused this problem. Because I have both latest
versions running.

When I open Team Viewer NVDA does not speak anything. Earlier can move with
Tab and get into the menu and other required cells.

But now nothing.

Even Object navigation does not provide much help.

Anything am I missing or doing wrong?

Team Viewer was fairly accessible with NVDA rather than Any-Desk. But now
giving problem.

Kindly advice.



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