Re: Beta NVDA Eloquence and Vocalizer addon question

Sarah k Alawami

Your key will work, but no auto update. You must go to the website where you
bought the thing. Auto update would be nice, but they have not even
bothered to implement that.

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Surely as in many commercial products, existing keys still work, and I
don't think I've ever had issues. I notice that companies like Dolphin tend
to somehow automagically give you a new install if you are running it on the
same machine.

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For addon-breaking releases it is possible that addon updates to addons may
not get released during the beta cycle. Therefore, if you want to use NVDA
knowing that it will work with Code Factory's addon it is best to wait until
the final NVDA update has been released.

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Subject: [nvda] Beta NVDA Eloquence and Vocalizer addon question

Hi all

When it comes to wanting to try out the new betas of NVDA, how should I
approach this with using the: Eloquence and Vocalizer addon in conjunction.
Since I obviously don't want to lose any of my three license keys, which is
bundled with the addon.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions on this matter.

With kind regards


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