Re: Are there any NVDA add-ons that make use of the touchpad

Bob Cavanaugh

I can't answer that question, but if your computer is a touchscreen,
you can use NVDA with it like you would VoiceOver on the phone.

On 6/21/22, Khalid Anwar <anwarkhalid850@...> wrote:
Playing arround in the touchpad settings of my laptop, I was surprised to
note that windows allows you to customise the gestures on the touchpad.
This was quite exciting to me because I quite like Apples touch based
interface for VoiceOver and I thought that something similar could be
brought to non-touchscreen devices running windows, simply with the use of
the touchpad to navigate instead or alongside the keyboard.
are there any add-ons that make use of this touchpad functionality?

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