Re: Focus issues with Google's Enhanced protection browsing mode


I just checked.  On one machine, a Windows 7 machine, enhanced protection is on and on another, a Windows 10 machine, standard protection is on.  I don't know if I changed the setting on my Windows 7 machine a good while ago and don't remember or not.  But it appears that standard protection is the default.

On both machines, using both JAWS and NVDA with enhanced protection on, I don't have the problem you are having and I don't get all sorts of messages about sites when looking through results.  I don't know what accounts for what you are experiencing.


On 6/21/2022 1:13 PM, Aine Kelly Costello wrote:
Hi all,

I recently turned on Enhanced Protection for browsing which can be found under chrome's settings in the Privacy and Security tab.

Unfortunately for screen reader users, this mode doesn't only tell you about safety breaches, but also about all the safe URLs. I haven't experimented with it that much yet, but on a google search results page, if you arrow down from a given search result heading, after you get to "About this result", the notification about the URLs safe status steels focus and puts the cursor at the top of the page.

This obviously is a nuisance, and I'm not quite sure what the best solution is for now which is why I'm writing here. In an ideal world, it would be possible to set Chrome to only tell you about safety issues and leave you alone as long as all is well but still have enhanced protection turned on. Short of that, it's not super obvious what to do as presumably if you remove focus from the safe website announcements, you're also going to miss problem alerts. Any ideas? 



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