Re: Does anyone ever have to use NVDA and narrator together and find that when you turn off narrator, the system sound volume goes down

Luke Davis

Sarah k Alawami wrote:

No it is not. I only did it as narrator could access parts nvda could not in regard to a program, but I think I can only count on one hand the times I've done this over the now 12 years I've been using NVDA.
I've done it very rarely, usually just to test Narrator's interaction with something, to learn if it was any better than NVDA's. When doing so, I have usually put NVDA to sleep on the application in question.

Of course, more naturally I just quit NVDA, start Narrator, quit Narrator, and start NVDA. But probably a number of times I can count on one hand, I've had real reason to have them both running. And no, I don't recall why.


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