Re: is there any addon for whatsapp for pc both the web application and the standalone

Vinod Benjamin

1. i am unable to go to the specific chat i wish,
2. when in the chat window using ctrl+tab moves to the next chat
window however nvda is not reading the name of the chat.
3. in the main treeview we use to navigate through various chat names
and hitt enter it will land on the selected chat , now its not
happening like that.
4. when the focus in surch edit box, when we key in any name unable to
find the surch result.
5. when the focus moves to the chat name using down aero takes to a
edit box, unable to find the other chat names.

Vinod Benjamin

On 6/22/22, udit pandey <udit52805@...> wrote:
can you explain what problem are you facing breafly
I think that, the problem must be like your nvda focus is only at the
recent chat but if you are moving to another chats, it comes back to the
recent chat

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