Re: Double Entry Bookkeeping/professional accounting software

Mo Khan

hi there, I would also suggest quick books. not sure where you are based? but know  an organisation here in the uk who have been working with them on accessibility and now recommend them to blind business owners. good luck and if it would help can put you in touch with the organisation recommending them in uk. thank you. Mo.

On Wed, Jun 22, 2022 at 10:01 AM Luke Davis <luke@...> wrote:
On Jun 14, Richard B. McDonald wrote:

> See the link below to "Wave Apps."  It is reputed to be accessible.  I have
> no personal experience with it, but *a lot* of accounting experience.

Thanks Richard. I have actually tried that one, although not in the last year or
so. They do seem pretty accessible, although I remember running into several
very awkward UI choices that made them somewhat less than smooth, though over
all usable.

They are probably where I'll end up if I can't find anything preferable.

What other software have you had experience with?

Someone mentioned Quickbooks. With Intuit's crummy accessibility record, I
hadn't really considered them to be viable, although I admit never having bought
a copy to test accessibility.


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