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Nolan Darilek

When I last used it a couple years back, QBO was inaccessible to the point where I felt my stress levels rise every time I had to use it. As in, they slapped the wrong ARIA attributes on things like tables and royally screwed things up. I basically hired an accountant to swoop in and clean things up regularly. And I write web apps as part of my livelihood, so it isn't a case of me needing more training or whatnot.

If things have changed then good I suppose, but as far as I'm concerned they've got dominant market share and abuse it. The accountants I reached out to only worked with QBO, and while I don't object to paying for software, feeling coerced into working with an industry standard, by yet another company that introduces more barriers to blind entrepreneurship, left a sour taste in my mouth.

Good luck. I think in the future I'll just use command line stuff, and find an accountant who gets it. Bookkeeping is too integral that I can't afford for it to not be accessible to me.

On 6/22/2022 8:15 AM, Richard B. McDonald wrote:
Hi Luke,

The choices are *very* limited. I have heard that the online version of
QuickBooks is somewhat accessible, though I dislike the fees involved. Its
desktop version is woefully inaccessible. As far as professional
double-entry bookkeeping applications go, I think this is pretty much it.


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On Jun 14, Richard B. McDonald wrote:

See the link below to "Wave Apps." It is reputed to be accessible. I
have no personal experience with it, but *a lot* of accounting experience.
Thanks Richard. I have actually tried that one, although not in the last
year or so. They do seem pretty accessible, although I remember running into
several very awkward UI choices that made them somewhat less than smooth,
though over all usable.

They are probably where I'll end up if I can't find anything preferable.

What other software have you had experience with?

Someone mentioned Quickbooks. With Intuit's crummy accessibility record, I
hadn't really considered them to be viable, although I admit never having
bought a copy to test accessibility.


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