Re: Issue With This Apparently Phantom Item 'Task Switcher' With Recent Updates of NVDA

Sarah k Alawami

OH, it is. It's a tree view, then you tab to the settings you want to change and away you go. Each setting is part of the section in the tree.

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Hi Tony,

I downloaded and installed this Winaero Tweaker program and I can't seem to make head nor tail of it. I thought you said it was accessible with NVDA. Please advise.

On 6/19/2022 7:51 PM, Tony Malykh wrote:
I experienced this on my Windows 11 laptop. I agree it is quite
annoying. I found a workaround - you need to enable classic Alt+Tab
1. Install program called winaero tweaker 2. Appearance > Alt-Tab
appearance > Enable classic Alt+Tab dialog HTH --Tony

On 6/17/2022 11:40 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

I have noticed that with some recent updates of either NVDA or
Windows 11 itself, that particularly if I have multiple windows open,
I see what I believe is a phantom windows identified with (insert +
T) as 'Task Switcher.' When this happens, it makes navigation more
difficult, slows down the response of the computer and causes
annoying efficiency issues.

Has anyone else experienced this lately and if so, what could be
causing this and is there a solution? Thanks for any help.

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