Re: Google Drive Stop Sharing a File


I haven't used Google Drive but I was curious and played around.  I didn't take notes but the following may give you enough information to allow you to do what you want.  If my instructions aren't quite right, since you already know how to share files, the following may give you enough information to remove a name.

If you know how to find the name of the person you don't want to share with any longer, find it, turn off browse mode, open the context menu, and up and down arrow until you find share.  Press enter.
Look around.  Stay in focus mode and you will see something like a combo box where you will see names of those who can share the file.  You should hear something like remove and the name.  When you have up or down arrowed to the name you want to stop sharing with, press delete.

Since I played around and didn't take notes, my description may not be quite correct but if you already know enough to share files, you can probably figure out what to do based on what I wrote to remove someone.


On 6/23/2022 9:00 PM, Marc Grossman wrote:
I can mostly get around Google Drive with NVDA without too much difficulty. However, I would like to revoke sharing privileges to a certain user. I found these directions but they don't seem to work with NVDA. Any of you have a workaround?
Stop, limit, or change sharing - Computer - Google Drive Help

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