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There used to be a problem of responsiveness in Word when using NVDA, by that I mean NVDA responsiveness.  I haven't seen it discussed for awhile and I almost never use Word, but I'd like to see more discussion about this by developers.  I'd also like to see more discussion from those who test with other screen-readers such as JAWS, it could be a demo or a full installation, it doesn't matter, or perhaps Narrator, if Narrator supports Word enough to test with.

My recollection is that the way the problem used to be, the larger the document, and perhaps the farther in you are in the document, the slower the responsiveness is.  I'm not saying either side, that it is or isn't an NVDA problem, is correct, I'm saying that I don't think we have heard nearly enough to form any conclusion.

The response of the original questioner is that he sees many possible solutions suggested.  I think that before significant time and effort is spent looking for and trying such solutions, more discussion is needed.

And how large are the documents where such problems occur?  It may be that beyond a certain size, any word processor or text editor will slow down.  I've opened enormous documents in Notepad and had responsiveness problems, but that is when opening documents that are enormous, perha;ps the size of two or three novels or more.  I think we need more definition of what we are talking about, more testing and discussion.


On 6/24/2022 5:50 AM, Ralph Boersema wrote:
Yes, it seems to have nothing to do with NVDA. The web tells me a number of things to do that I can't understand. I'll have to get a sighted tech to help me out on this.


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I've seen this sort of thing as well, and its nothing apparently to do with the version of word. Its as if there is a spike in resource grabbing somewhere every so often then it returns to normal again. I always put this down to something else other than nvda, as it also seems to upset the typing according to sighted people where you can go on typing then all the missing ones arrive on screen at once. Is this what the other person gets?

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Dear Friends,

I do not usually keep up with this list, so please forgive me if this matter has been dealt with recently. When I work with Word documents NVDA frequently pauses before reading something to me. The pause frequency and the length of the pauses increase as the documents get longer. I have had this problem for years and with different versions of Word and of NVDA. 
Currently I am using Microsoft 365 and my NVDA is up to date. Is there some configuration I need to change, either in Word or in NVDA?



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