Re: looking for an NVDA trainer in Columbus Georgia


On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 06:22 PM, Gene wrote:
What training does the person want?
As someone who does this sort of tutoring on a regular basis, I cannot begin to say how important the answer to this and the additional question Gene posed is.

Even if the person has never touched a screen reader, if they are already a skilled computer user by sight (or were when they had sight), it's an entirely different ball game than it is when someone is starting from ground zero.

My most recent client is a gentleman in his mid-40s who never touched a computer before, and who still has enough vision to use ZoomText at the moment.  But the challenge of getting him to understand all the computer basics is a far bigger challenge than dealing with ZoomText is, but ZoomText still adds to the overall challenge because you are only seeing part of the entire screen enlarged.  But my central point here is it's really important to know what the scope of training is before one agrees to undertake it.

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