Reading long tables in PDF files

Eilana Benish

Hello everybody

I am using the latest version of NVDA and adobe DC pro 2020

recently I have encountered a strange behavior with reading long tables onPDF files

For example table  with 62 rows and 6 columns

The problem is that after the first page of that table, when keep reading the table in the next pages, NVDA starts to read the column header twice for each column header. and then after a few pages NVDA read three times the name of the column header for each cell on the table.

I tried to read this table with several voices and synthesizers and it seems that this problem keeps occurring with every synthesizer such as windows 1 core voices and vocalizer expressive. Also I have tested this with two accessible PDF files.

Does nv-access or anybody knows about this issue and what can be done to fix that?






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