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Dejan Ristic

What do you think about exploring the fields in the browse mode, so that you get familiar with the fact where the name, and/or where the surname is. after that, it may be easier for you to fill in the required fields, though. There is one more thing that I do: when I encounter such a problem, I press NVDA plus tab, and the name of the field is read for me, so that I do not get confused. It also says that the field I am in is focused.

On 10/14/2016 7:59 PM, P. Otter wrote:

hello all,
i'm searching for a solution it is as follows:
i have a programm, in dutch for family tree research.
nvda will open the fields without any problem.
but before the field you can read what kind of information you have to write there.
so as example there is a field called surname.
but surname as in this example will not be mentioned.
we only have an opened field.
but the most strange is, when we are using jaws, jaws will open the field and mention also the name.
what can i do with settings of nvda to read the name while opening the field?
is there a solution?
i've noticed that there are more examples where nvda opens a field but without mention the name of the field.
it is not in all situations but in some!!!
which is very inconvenient and annoying if you do not know what needs to be typed into that field.
is there a solution for it?
paul otter

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