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No, but perhaps this is an instance of a problem being solved by closing and opening the screen-reader again or by rebooting.  Was that the first time you closed and ran the screen-reader since the problem began? 

At times, shutting down and running a screen-reader solves problems and sometimes problems that you wouldn't expect to have anything to do with the screen-reader.  At times, if I can't copy or paste, closing and running the screen-reader solves the problem.  Then there is rebooting, which also solves many odd [problems. 


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Dear Gene,



I tried using Narrator and there were no pauses. Then I tried NVDA again and there were also no more significant pauses—only a bit when I selected many of the document formatting options. I tried over some time to reproduce the delays I had struggled with before, but without success. Is it possible that Narrator reset something in the Word document or in Windows 10?


Ralph .


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the article makes suggestions but doesn't explain how to do the various things suggested.  This has nothing to do with accessibility but rather of knowledge of how to do what is suggested.  So, blind or sighted, these things are probably all accessible, they all sound accessible to me. 

We'll see if people explain how to do these things but before doing them, and we don't know if they will help or not, try seeing if this is an NVDA problem.  Are you using Windows 10?  If so, it is easy to see how responsive Word is using Narrator.

Unload NVDA.
Run Narrator with the command control Windows key enter.  That is, hold both control and the Windows key and Press enter.
When you want to unload Narrator, use the same command.
Narrator uses the same read to end commands as NVDA, at least in the desktop keyboard settings, which are those it uses by default.  I don't know what commands it uses in the laptop keyboard settings.  It also uses caps lock as a Narrator key, or insert, probably either insert.
If you are using NVDA key down arrow for read to end, try the same in Narrator.
Movement commands should be the same, such as read by paragraph, down and up arrow to move by line, etc. 
The read current line command is NVDA key numpad 8, that is, hold the NVDA key and press NVD 8 while doing so. 
If you get sluggishness moving through documents with Narrator, then the problem is either not an NVDA problem or it is not all an NVDA problem.  Before doing various tasks such As are discussed in the article, it should be determined if this is an NVDA problem or not to the extent testing can determine that.

Also, what do you use Word to do?  Another way around the problem, which hasn't been discussed at all, is to use another program to work with the documents you are working with.  But we need to know what you do with the documents.  Are you using Word features where you need word or are you just going through documents and manually changing or revising the document?


On 6/24/2022 9:42 AM, Ralph Boersema wrote:
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What are those things the web is "telling you to do"?
Perhaps we can help you do them without having to enlist a light-slave.
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Yes, it seems to have nothing to do with NVDA. The web tells me a number of things to do that I can't understand. I'll have to get a sighted tech to help me out on this.
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I've seen this sort of thing as well, and its nothing apparently to do with the version of word. Its as if there is a spike in resource grabbing somewhere every so often then it returns to normal again. I always put this down to something else other than nvda, as it also seems to upset the typing according to sighted people where you can go on typing then all the missing ones arrive on screen at once. Is this what the other person gets?
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Dear Friends,
I do not usually keep up with this list, so please forgive me if this matter has been dealt with recently. When I work with Word documents NVDA frequently pauses before reading something to me. The pause frequency and the length of the pauses increase as the documents get longer. I have had this problem for years and with different versions of Word and of NVDA. 
Currently I am using Microsoft 365 and my NVDA is up to date. Is there some configuration I need to change, either in Word or in NVDA?


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