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However, be aware that this is a bit like a war. The sites rely on advertising to pay for them being free to the public. When you block adverts, often this can be seen by the site who might decide to deny access until you allow adverts again. Its all part of the commercial reality of life, sadly.
What to my mind is needed here is some kind of add on that displays adverts separately from the pages, rather like a split screen system, so the badly formed inaccessible ads we often encounter do not make the actual site almost impossible to navigate for us, but still allows us to see or hear the adverts if we want them.

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One way to remove advertising is to use an ad blocker. uBlock Origin is
a well thought of ad blocker. It appears to be better than another
popular one, Ad Block Plus (spelling.)

Another way to block ads is to use the Brave browser.


On 6/26/2022 1:05 AM, Ravindran V.S. wrote:


Is there a simple way to skip the advertisements in a webpage?

Instead of pressing the down arrow key several times till the end of
the advertisement, any simple way to reach the next required text or data?

Also, a same way to skip the form fields in a page?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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